Origins of the Grandma Pizza

Grandma Pizza is a type of New York Pizza which had been developed in the United States by the immigrants coming from Naples, Italy, where the Pizza was first created. It’s mostly popular on the Long Island and less in Queens and Manhattan.

Bella Napoli is one of the few restaurants in Manhattan that is known for making an incredible Grandma pie. A delicious square crust is covered With a base layer of Mozzarella cheese and Parmigiana. The crust is cooked to perfection and the cheese fully melted and lightly browned, depending on the taste. The pie is then cut into 9 pieces and each piece is covered with homemade marinara sauce, fresh basil and a light sprinkle of oregano and parmigiana.

Come by and visit Bella Napoli for a delicious slice of goodness

150 w 49 street, New York NY 10019 | phone: 212-719-2819
Open 7 days a week 11am-11pm

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